Flo picture From the very start of seeing Flo, I felt she was going to be a massive help to me. And I wasn’t wrong. She has an incredible knack of making you feel totally at ease before asking questions that bring thoughts and feelings out of you that you really never knew were there. She took me along a journey of discovery that, for me personally, was simply a revelation without ever making me feel scared or out of my depth.
I had seen quite a few counsellors in the past before Flo, but what I managed to achieve with Flo totally eclipsed anything I had experienced before. She expertly guided me to look at issues that I hadn’t ever thought about - she helped me to see things in a completely different way.
I can’t recommend Flo highly enough - she is a wonderful counsellor and therapist. She has changed my life and I know she will do the same for others. I am very lucky to have met her.

My counsellor was Flo, whom I found to be a lovely, caring and very understanding and professional person.
Flo has helped me immensely come to terms with my father’s illness and ultimately deal with him passing away when the time came.
She gave me the strength and confidence in my own ability to deal with this massive trauma.